Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2017-02-17T23:14:23-08:00

Still not sure if we can be of help? Check through some frequently asked questions and then send us a message.

Seating during COVID-192021-12-06T10:36:19-08:00

Our flights are all shared flights which means that there are multiple people per flight. We usually can go up with a maximum of 6 passengers or a minimum of 3 (this is one to three different groups or families).  During COVID we will be reducing our seating capacity to a maximum of two different groups per flight.

If you would prefer to book a private flight so there is no other guest on board with you this is possible, however, please note that there is a private fee to cover the payment for other vacant seats. The private fee can range between $350 to $600 in additional fees depending on the tour. Please call us at (415) 332-4843 ext 1 to book a private flight or email us at


In response to Covid-19, We have increased our cleaning & hygiene regime on all hard surfaces throughout our entire venue and airplanes as wiping down all seats and headsets before and after each flight. All seaplane personal will be required to wear a non-medical mask as well temperature check before beginning work. All guests will be required to wear a face protective cover like a non-medical mask, bandana, and/or scarves can be used.  Guests will find hand sanitizers available at multiple locations around the venue.  

Is parking available at the seaplane base?2017-02-11T06:13:17-08:00

Yes, we have plenty of free parking available at our lot.

Why is there an expiration dated on my Gift Voucher? Will my voucher lose value following the expiry date shown?2017-02-11T06:17:25-08:00

All gift vouchers will show an expiration date to note date by which the voucher needs to be redeemed. However, the value of the voucher is not lost, but if the tour for which the voucher was purchased goes up in value, guest will be subject to paying the difference in price at the time of redeeming the voucher.

Something has come up – when should I notify if I will need to cancel or reschedule my flight?2017-02-11T06:17:37-08:00

Call or email us as soon as you know that you will to make changes to your current reservation. Please note that we will 48 hour cancellation policy if you need to cancel your reservation or would like to reschedule it for another day. All changes made to any reservation will be emailed to you. If you do not receive an email notice, please call us as soon as possible as this will guarantee that all necessary changes have been made.

I booked the shuttle service from Fisherman’s Wharf. After my flight do I need to go back to the Wharf with the shuttle? I may want to visit Sausalito.2020-09-04T12:40:07-07:00

No, you are welcome to stop at Sausalito. We can have the shuttle drop you off in Sausalito, and you can go back to San Francisco via ferry or taxi at your discretion.

Do you take walk-ins?2017-02-11T06:17:59-08:00

Absolutely! Please call us or drop in to the office and we can let you know what we have available for that day.

I am traveling alone, can I book a reservation?2021-12-06T14:16:40-08:00

Absolutely! Please contact us so that we may help you book a flight as we do require a minimum of three passengers per trip. We will find a flight that will fit your schedule that already has other passengers . If you are looking to book this in advance, please note that your reservation will be booked but flight time is subject to change if the minimum number of passengers is not met. We recommend you call us at least two days in advance to make your reservation.

Do you offer private flights?2017-02-11T06:18:18-08:00

Yes, please contact us for pricing and availability.

How many people will be on the flight with my group?2021-12-06T14:18:53-08:00

There will be a minimum of 3 passengers on a flight and a *maximum of 6.* Seating is assigned at boarding with the purpose of equal load distribution. We will do our best to keep couples together. Please do not worry – there is a window seat for everyone on board.

  • Groups of 6 are possible but subject to total weight of the party being under 1000lbs. Reservations for parties of 6  are not available online and MUST be booked by calling us directly at 415-332-4843
What is your dog policy?2017-02-11T06:18:36-08:00

We do allow dogs to come on board as long as other passengers on the flight are ok to have a canine friend and there is sufficient room in the aircraft. We ask that owners be considerate that some guests can be allergic to dogs, so please be considerate if you will be bringing your furry friend and let us know ahead of time so that we may check with the other passengers. Another option is to book a private flight for your group where the pooch will be more than welcome! Sorry…no cats.

Are infants allowed on the flight?2017-02-11T06:18:44-08:00

Yes, we do allow babies on board, but we do have only limited ear protection headsets for them. We do recommend that parents bring their own noise cancellation headsets or earplugs for their infants.

What age is considered a child?2017-02-11T06:18:52-08:00

Anyone under the age of 12. Price for a child will only apply for children aged 3-11 years. Children under two years of age may sit in a parent’s lap and are free of charge.

Do you have a seat belt extension?2017-02-11T06:18:59-08:00

We do not have seat belt extensions in Seaplane Adventures aircraft. If you require a seat belt extension on a commercial flight, you will need one with us.

Why do you need my weight?2021-12-06T14:20:24-08:00

All passenger weights are required as we do have a maximum weight limit based on the total weight of all participants. Pilots are also trained to load the aircraft safely based on weight distribution, so please be patient with where the pilot asks you to sit. Everyone gets a window seat!

How safe is the flight?2017-02-11T06:19:21-08:00

Seaplane Adventures maintains one of the highest standards of safety in our industry and has a pristine safety record. Seaplanes themselves are extremely safe – as we like to say, “We have millions of square feet of runway everywhere in the San Francisco Bay!”

There is patchy fog over the Golden Gate Bridge, will we still fly?2017-02-11T06:19:31-08:00

Yes, fog can be very tricky as it can come and go at any time and in just minutes time. We will try our very best to fly you over the bridge or alternate the flight route so that you can get the best view of the bridge possible.

Under what weather circumstances will my flight be canceled?2017-02-11T06:19:41-08:00

All flights are subject to cancellation for severe weather. This determination is made by the pilot up to 30 minutes before the scheduled flight.

Why do I need to sign a release waiver before boarding my flight?2017-02-11T06:19:50-08:00

All passengers are required to sign a waiver before boarding their flight.

How early do I need to check-in for my flight?2021-12-06T11:26:23-08:00

Please have your group check in no less than 15 minutes before your flight. Flights do depart on time and flights will not be held for late arriving parties. **Due to FAA regulations, Champagne Sunset passengers are requested to arrive 30 minutes prior to flight time to relax with their champagne before their flight as the FAA mandate requires all passengers to wear masks at all times during the flight.**